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Dungeon Fighter: The Big Wave
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Dive right into the fun! The Big Wave, Dungeon Fighter’s second expansion, immerses you in the ocean’s mysterious depths. The pirate Jack Parrot brings his maritime experience and his parrot to the party of heroes as they battle a whole host of underwater monsters, such as the Waterlogged Zombie and the Sea Witch. New equipment and power cards arm you with water magic to help you conquer The Great Cthulhu before he wraps you in his tentacles. Three water elemental dice and new game board pieces create additional dexterity-based challenges in this watery expansion.

The Big Wave Includes:

  • One rulesheet
  • One hero sheet and one dungeon sheet
  • Eight monster cards, including one Final Boss, six power cards, and six item cards
  • Three water element dice, fifteen oxygen tokens, twelve XP tokens, additional game board pieces, and one parrot token.