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Wings of War WWI: Recon Patrol Blister
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 Come fly the unfriendly skies!


Expand your Wings of War game with these easily-accessible booster packs. Each pack contains two maneuver decks and several airplanes for use in any Wings of War game. With aircraft from all parts of World War I, including the Eastern European conflicts that followed it, both the Top Fighters and Recon Patrol decks are a must-have for any Wings of War fan!

Wings of War: Recon Patrol includes the popular D maneuver deck, as well as the new K deck, for two-seater aircraft. It includes a variety of airplanes, from the Sopwith Triplane of Naval 1, planes from Richthofen's "Flying Circus," and even a Turkish Breguet Br.14 B2. Recon Patrol is a suitable addition to any of the three Wings of War base games.

Wings of War: Top Fighters includes two brand new maneuver decks, the L amd M decks, which offer some never-before seen flying tricks! Top Fighters includes two of the best planes of the war, the Fokker D.VII and the Sopwith Snipe, as well as a host of other aircraft from Germany, Australia, Britain, and several airplanes from the Russian Civil Wars spanning 1919-1922. All the aircraft from this set use the A damage deck, and are therefore best combined with Wings of War: Famous Aces or Wings of War: Burning Drachens.