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WH LCG: Shield of the Gods

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“Amid the darkness and horror of a world splintering apart, the armies of the true creators, we who were ancient at the dawn of time, will march forth once more.”
   –Translation from ancient plaques attributed to Venerable Lord Kroak

Shield of the Gods is the climactic final Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle!

The 60 new cards (three copies each of 20 different cards) in Shield of Gods relate the latest chapter of a world at war. Greenskin hordes sweep across Black Fire Pass and drive waves of Squigs and other creatures at the Dwarfs in their ancient Karaks. Chaos cultists seek to corrupt the Empire from the inside, even as the Empire’s Knights undertake quests with a newfound fervor. Bolstered by a new legend, the Dark Elves prepare to launch a whole new wave of assaults against their kin in Ulthuan.

Meanwhile, amid the bloodshed, amid the endless tactical maneuverings and wartime atrocities, the armies of the true creators march forth. The Lizardmen arrive from Lustria to reclaim what is theirs. The neutral race receives a new, non-unique attachment that provides consistent, battle-oriented card draw and a new quest that increases the ferocious efficacy of these savage warriors.


This is not a stand-alone deck. A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game core set is required to play.