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ALLIES P-48 Pelican "Thunderstrike" Premium "Diving Dotty"

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The Allies have been hard at work developing a means to meet the threat of Axis jets, and they've found their answer: the P-48. The P-48 Pelican is designed to deploy quickly, and Triple Dual .50 cal machine guns give the Pelican a serious edge against enemies in the air and quickly eats through infantry. The Diving Dotty carries two 500kg bombs, and the Dust Premium Edition is professionally painted in silver and yellow as envisioned by Vincent Fontaine, the art director of Dust Studio.

A special note: This Fantasy Flight Collector specialty product is produced in small batch quantities that, along with various other production factors and costs, mean we are unable to offer this line of figures through regular distribution and retail channels. Retailers wishing to carry these figures should contact our sales department for more information.