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Dust Tactics: Allies "MCW M3" Tank Premium
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Dust Tactics Premium: MCW M3 Expansion - Cobra

The Medium Combat Walker M3-D Cobra offers the Allies an electrifying option for armored support. Armed with dual .50 cal MGs, the Cobra also sports a massive 180 Watt Phaser gun. Well adapted to urban warfare, the Cobra is capable of jumping over hindering terrain, then using its Phaser gun to electrify vehicles and troops alike, causing massive amounts of damage to both. Professionally painted, the Cobra makes a stunning addition to your Allied army!

A special note: This Fantasy Flight Collector specialty product is produced in small batch quantities that, along with various other production factors and costs, mean we are unable to offer this line of figures through regular distribution and retail channels. Retailers wishing to carry these figures should contact our sales department for more information.